With millions of businesses now using the internet solely to promote and sell services and products, it stands to reason that you would want the best and affordable imagery for your particular needs. Here at Myers Creative, we believe that we can help many businesses achieve striking imagery that not only looks great but also sells. It may be that your images are out of date and need refreshing or that you just want a more professional looking portfolio. We now find that a lot of business are using generic stock images and many sectors are using the same pictures, some great, some not so great. Either way, this does not enable you to stand out from the crowd. It also appears that some companies are missing out on the first impression opportunities. Some excellent profile images of you and your employees can look great on the meet the team page of your website or social media sites; they provide that all important great first impression. With less and less face to face contact in the ever growing internet and social media market, this can only be a good thing. Here are a list of imagery that we believe are important Brochure imagery-Promotional materials Before and afters, this can apply to a wide variety of industries, from cosmetics to Construction. People love to see a demonstration of the impact of what a service or product can do for them. Product photography can accurately show a products form, colour and texture or we could be more creative and place your product in an advertising or lifestyle scenario. Sceptical about what we can do for you? Why not get in touch, we can provide a photography bench test for your business. Get a taste of what we can do for you.

Small or large components, heavy machinery and buildings. No Product too big or too small. We use a mixture of studio and location photography to achieve your vision.

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