Photograph It, Use It, Review It - Dear Barber Grooming Kit

When I started growing a beard, I never envisaged having to look after as much as I do. That said, there is no better feeling than giving my beard a good shampoo and blow dry. By doing this, the beard can feel dry and bushy. In comes the beard grooming kit from Dear Barber.

The box is pretty cool and contains; Beard Comb Beard Oil Moustache Wax

The comb is just about right for my Beard and helps to operate the hair and limits any knots. The Oil does not contain a strong scent and is ideal for putting on before bed or if you do not want it to conflict with any other smellies that you are wearing. Not too greasy and absorbs well into the beard leaving it feeling soft and fresh. The moustache wax is the best i have used so far, perfect for shaping and maintaining the shape of your tache.

Product Photography by Wayne Myers Photography

Wayne Myers photography is sponsored by lencarta Lighting Equipment