5 Tips For Better Nail Selfies

Nails created by Charli Jepson

1. Mobile Phone and Camera Orientation

To get the best possible image, it is important to use the rear camera on your phone and make sure it is held in landscape position.

Ask your friend or your nail tech to take the image for you.

2. Finding The Light

When it comes to taking images with your phone, light is the most important element.

Look for a light source that does not create very dark and sharp shadows.

If the shadows are light and soft around the edges then you know that you have found a nice soft light source.

Soft window light. Put yourself in between the window and your subject's hands.

Go outside.

Find a shaded spot outside and use the available light.

Lamps and ceiling lights.

Put yourself in between the light and your subject's hands. Using this method can create an unwanted colour cast. This can be edited later in Snapseed.

If you have a light source that is too bright, you can place a white diffused panel in front of the light which will soften the light.

Diffusion panels can be made from a white sheet, tracing paper or a white plastic bag.

Warning, do not put these materials to close to hot light bulbs.

Continual Light

Relatively cheap to buy, LED light and soft box, see here.

This is a light that will mimic day light and can be used as if it was a window light.

3. Hand Position and composition

Your fingers look best when your hands are relaxed, creating a claw is not attractive.

Try crossing one hand over the other, try to think elegant. If you are holding a prop, do not grip it tightly.

Some examples here.

4. Colour Harmonies And Props

Try to find a complimentary coloured prop. Red nails? try a green prop,

These go together: Orange and blue, purple and yellow,

The colour wheel shows the opposite and complimentary colours.


A mug , a mobile phone cover, scarf, blanket, table top ,materials.

Try different colour variants of these props.

Above all, Experiment

5. Editing Your Images

There are many apps that can be used. The one I use the most is an app called Snapseed.

Snapseed for Android.

Snapseed for Apple

With this app, you can desaturate, saturate, blur, crop, add contrast, change the colour, sharpen and many more adjustments.

Once you have familiarised yourself with this software, you will be able to make your images pop.

Loads of tips on how to use the Snapseed app here.

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